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Imbibe Wine Bar

Imbibe [im baib]

From the Latin “imbibere”


  • to drink.
  • literary to take in or assimilate.
  • to take in, as if by drinking.
  • to absorb liquid or moisture.

Collins English dictionary - 2003

About Imbibe wine bar.

The purpose of our business is to showcase the best of Victorian produce.
We believe that Victoria creates some of the world’s finest quality food, wine, craft beer and cider.
We also believe that we should support the local producers and manufacturers of these goods.
In the process of selection we have personally visited the majority of our suppliers.
We are striving to bring you the best of each season in our changing food and beverage list.
We are about encouraging people to try something new or different and this in turn will create a memorable experience for you, our guests.
We look forward to welcoming you and can guarantee you will enjoy your visit.
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